MOCA’s Art in The Streets

I almost missed going to see this show –

in the end I made it on the last free Monday in August (Cheers  Banksy for underwriting each Monday) and stood in the heat for over an hour wearing a terrible hat which made me, skinny white woman,  stick out even more from the hairy hipsters, shaven headed tattoed males and young Latinos –  but was glad of the shade it gave to me .  Prior to this excursion I wouldn’t have called myself  a big fan of street art –  but not only did I like the show more than I expected, I was really impressed at the wide demographic standing in the queue along with me. All ages , races and socio economic groups were represented, waiting patiently in the heat – not a sight you see very often in LA. This exhibition became the most highly attended show of the museum’s history – hats off (especially this one!) to Museum Director Jeffrey Deitch and associated curators Roger Gastman & Aaron Rose. Bizarrely enough Jeffrey had got a lot of flak at the end of last year for having a mural he commissioned  by Blu whitewashed over

By the time we got in, I only had an hour to whizz around the exhibition , but it was enough to take in and be impressed by the scope and design of the exhibit,  and to find out that I was more of a fan of street art than I had thought I was. Here are some of my faves from the show (and hoping I don’t get sued for posting these!)- you will notice a few random ones (shot of clouds above LA from outside MOCA, me in Guatemala which I am now using as my featured image) as well as some repeated images  inc me in that hideous hat!  –  oh well I’m still getting the hang of this!

Subway Trains in detail and en masse – quite stunning when displayed thus…

I I love Keith Haring and this pic of an elderly couple infront of one of his works (where he used blank/ blacked poster spots on the subway walls as his blank canvas ) is cool

Banksy to the left is one of his earliest – seemed prescient given the riots that happened a few days after I saw this show…

This church window was beautiful , being worshiped by a hoodie – a mode of dress that has become equated with bad or illegal behaviour,  and and the proud depiction of a Native American Indian seems an appropriate place to end this chapter…

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