Marfa Marfa Marfa!

I’ve finally made it to Marfa TX! I first heard about it 5 or 6 years ago when I read an article about this dusty town in the south of Texas,  which talked about the mysterious Marfa lights (Texan version of the northern lights) that it was the location for the classic movie Giant starring James Dean and Liz Taylor and how the sculptor Donald Judd had discovered it and built a  large museum and foundation here

About a year or so after reading that article , I met hotelier Liz Lambert in Austin TX for SXSW where she owns the San Jose Hotel (and more recently the  Santa Ceclia) . KCRW had a party at the San Jose with David Byrne & Forro in the Dark (which was pretty damn awesome!) . So I got to chat a bit with Liz and she told me about this alternative ‘hotel’ / trailer park that she was creating in Marfa called ‘El Cosmico’ and  gave me an El Cosmico tshirt  so I got the tshirt BEFORE actually visiting the place!

Since that chat to Liz , Marfa has kept popping up in magazines and articles and interest in this funky town has grown exponentially – most recently Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles hosted a Marfa Brands event.

I’m embarrassed to say I had never been to this wonderful store and only found out about it thanks to going to dinner with Lucinda Williams! That had come about thanks to my dear old friend Ian James of Mushroom Music in Australia. We normally get to hang out during SXSW but as I hadn’t gone this year he called when was in LA & en route back to Australia – and invited me to dine with Lucinda and her hubbie Tom. Ian and I had enjoyed seeing Lucinda perform at last year’s SXSW so this invitation seemed more than perfect!

During diner Lucinda mentioned the fab Liz Lambert and how she was going to be in LA for a Marfa event at Heath Ceramics. So I wasted no time in reaching out to say hi to Liz and to hope to have a chat with her when she came. Am so glad Lucinda tipped me off about this – Liz’s brother ,  chef and cookbook author Louis Lambert prepared a delicious BBQ  in the back garden area of Heath’s and Amy Cook performed and Tecate beers or margaritas were being served – a really wonderful evening.  As well as having a chat with Liz she introduced me to Marfa Brand’s Ginger – who makes what I consider to be some of the best soaps ever . So that was it – I had to make an effort to visit the place – so here I am typing to you from El Cosmico while listening to a performance by Field Report. Am drinking a michelada and couldn’t be happier right here right now J

p.s am rushing to get something to eat on one of the few Marfa eateries so will upload photos more efficiently another time!

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