‘Chocolate?’ ‘No! Maltesers!’ ‘ Cav-Poo?’ ‘No! Malti-Poo!’

Taking Max for a walk just now, we met a lovely little dog and its equally lovely gamine owner and as Max and pup bounced around on Sunset Blvd I asked whether her pup was a CavPoo (cavalier poodle cross) and she said no ‘Its a Multi- Poo’ . ‘Oh’ I said, thinking that this ball of friendly fur is a combination of many, many poodles. Then I realized I was wrong! Doh! She meant he was a cross between the beloved British sweetie, Maltesers,  known by its famed advert tag line ‘Chocolate?’ ‘No! Maltesers1’ – because they have the honeycomb middle that weighs so little 🙂

So as you can see from the photos above, what she actually said was that her dog was a  ‘Malti -Poo’ – a cross between a chocolate confection and a poodle,  and that is what made the little chap so sweet 🙂

If I have got the Brits amongst you  nostalgic for Maltesers here is where you can buy them online



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